About Us

Athentek is a startup company that focuses on security applications with smart location technologies. We aim to provide the best user experience with tight integration of wearable device, application software, and cloud server.

Wearable Device

Small Size and Long Battery Life

Contextual Sensing Technology

Fun App

Fit in Social Network

Intuitive User Interface

Smart Secure Cloud

Intelligent Learning Algorithms

Smart Location Engine

  • Product Concept

    We understand the need of parents to know where their children are. Athentek developed a solution, with "Cute Device", "Intelligent Cloud Service", and "Fun APP", that can provide children location at all time.

  • The device

    We understand the challenge is to convince children to wear the device. Athentek designed the solution to be able to wear it anywhere. Changeable outfit with variety design allows children to choose their favorite and continue to wear it.

  • Cloud Technology

    Athentek positioning engine is based on the most advanced location technology using GPS, AGPS, WiFi, and Cell ID. Also, the device can last days under normal operation, which allows parents to use them during the whole weekdays.

  • APP

    We understand the user wants more than location information on the APP. Athentek APP is designed for both fun-to-use and secure.